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Driving Tips For Electric Vehicles

Driving Tips For Electric Vehicles



It might come as a surprise to hear that driving an electric car efficiently is very different from driving a regular car. To help you maximize your drive and get the best out of your EV, we have listed down some tips which you ought to consider.

Plan your route

With electric vehicles, it is important to keep your route in mind. Having a planned route with adequate charging points along the way helps keep range anxiety at a minimum. In addition to that, by planning your route, you can avoid heavy traffic areas and even if another route is a little longer, but the drive time is shorter, it would still be the better option, as an EV tents to go through more battery power when idle for a long period of time – like being stuck in a traffic jam.

Get to know your EV app

Car manufacturers generally have EV-specific apps with some useful features built in. These features are there to optimize your usage of your EV and it is important to get familiar with the app so that you can easily access the desired information and features. Using the remote access, vehicle notifications, charging point tracking as well as battery saver tips are all very important.

Battery Care

It is better to charge the battery when it is warm. Basically, when you arrive at your destination, the first thing you should do is plug it in. Batteries charge quicker when they are warm! This could save you a lot of time over the course of vehicle ownership.

To keep your batteries running for longer, do not let the charge on your EV drop below 20 percent. You can do a daily top up charge and keep your batteries in the 50-80 percent range for ideal usage as well as extended battery life.

Charging Care

Before you plug in your EV to the charger, ensure that both the charging port on your vehicle as well as the charging lead are dry. Secondly, fully unwind the cable in order to avoid an inductive loop that could generate heat and trip the circuit breaker. Last but not the least, tuck the cable away to avoid tripping on it – especially at public charging points.