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 10 must-have accessories in case of an emergency

10 must-have accessories in case of an emergency



Emergencies while out on the road can happen anytime, anywhere, and being prepared for them is essential. That is why it's important to always have the right accessories in your car. Here are some that can save you from unpleasant experiences:


First aid kit: A first aid kit is one of the most essential items to have in your car. It should include bandages, antiseptic cream, pain relievers, and other medical supplies that may be needed in case of an injury.

Spare tyre and jack: Tyres can flatten anytime & anywhere on the road. It is always a good idea to carry a spare tire and a jack in your car. Make sure you know how to change the tyre in case of an emergency. You can also carry a tyre inflation kit which is a spray that can fill a puncture until you can get to the closest town and have the tyre properly checked and suitably repaired.

Jumper cables: If your car battery dies, you will need jumper cables to jump-start your car. These cables connect your car's battery to another car's battery, giving it a boost.


Torch and extra batteries: A torch or flashlight is an essential tool in case of an emergency at night. Make sure to keep an extra set of batteries for the torch.

Reflective triangles: In case of a breakdown or accident, reflective triangles can be placed on the road to warn other drivers of the hazard ahead. This is especially important when driving on highways.

Water bottles and snacks: In case you get stranded in your car, it is always better to have some water and snacks with you. These will help you stay hydrated and energised until help arrives.

Fire extinguisher: Car fires can happen due to electrical faults, fuel leaks, or other reasons. A fire extinguisher can help you put out small fires and prevent them from spreading.

Tool kit: A small toolkit can be handy in case of minor repairs. It should include items like pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

Mobile phone charger: Your mobile phone can be your lifeline in case of an emergency. Make sure to keep a mobile phone charger in your car at all times.

Roadside assistance membership: If you frequently drive long distances or are prone to car troubles, a roadside assistance membership can be a lifesaver. It provides 24/7 assistance in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other emergencies.

While this checklist is an essential guide to having the right accessories in your vehicle to help you deal with an emergency, remember that it is equally essential to keep your vehicle maintained well so that you can avoid issues like a breakdown that could potentially leave you stranded. At the same time, stay safe on the road and always remember to buckle up and follow the speed limit!