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Why it is good to get your car detailed

Why it is good to get your car detailed


Car detailing is a process that is specialized in cleaning your vehicle thoroughly and go beyond that of a conventional car wash.

Extending the life of your vehicle involves getting it serviced on time, however for the bits that witness the maximum wear and tear, such as the plastics and fabrics within the cabin, there isn’t a lot that service can do. This is where car detailing comes in. It is a process that uses specialised methods to clean your vehicle and helps retain a fresh car.

Makes your vehicle age gracefully

The cabin of a car ages due to dust, water, regular wear and tear and harmful UV rays. Within a few years of car ownership, you can see that your car doesn’t have that new car feel any more and some of the plastics lose their sheen as well. With a thorough cleaning process that involves polishes, high-grade shampoos and carpet cleaners, a lot of these issues are resolved, and you get that fresh new car feeling once again! The deep cleaning procedure works out the dust and grime from the carpets as well as the seats which not only brings out the colour but extends the life of fabrics as well.

Keeps you and your vehicle healthy

As much as we would not like to think about it, car cabins are a breeding ground for allergies. The confined space is a closed environment and dust particles, and bacteria accumulate inside. Getting into the nooks and crannies of the cabin are an essential part of the car detailing process and this helps remove unwanted dust and bacteria from hidden corners. The result is a cleaner cabin and a healthier environment.

Gets rid of unwanted smells

Car seats are the biggest culprit when it comes to unwanted odours within the cabin. The second largest cause of foul smells within the cabin are the carpets, especially if they get wet. Car detailers use a variety of shampoos and cleaning agents to get rid of the foul smell from seats as well as carpets. Done regularly, this single step of the car detailing process ensures that you have a fresh smelling car for a long time to come.

Gets rid of stains

A regular car wash cannot rid your cabin of unwanted stains. Be it a coffee stain, cola stain or even an accident by a baby in the back seat. To get rid of such stains requires the use of specific high-grade chemicals that work their way deep into the fabric to work out the grime. This is followed by a solid scrubbing process, shampoo and eventually a vacuum clean to soak up all the liquid used in the process. Car detailing services can get rid of up to 90-95 percent of all stains!

Long lasting service

What makes car detailing an effort worth your money is the fact that it has long lasting results. With a comprehensive detailing job once a year, you can keep your car looking fresh, new, and clean at a microscopic level! The effects of a car detailing job last longer than a conventional car wash.