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EV Showstoppers at Auto Expo 2023!

EV Showstoppers at Auto Expo 2023!



Auto Expo 2023 had an electric theme at all the major pavilions and this clearly points towards manufacturers moving towards electric vehicle offerings at a brisk pace. We take a look at some of the electric vehicles and concepts showcased at the Expo that definitely got heads to turn.


MG 4 has a crossover inspired look that draws a lot of design elements from the Cyberster Roadster Concept. The front end is low and has sharp swept back headlights, side profile gives you a glimpse of its sheer size and pronounced shoulder line, while at the rear, MG 4 EV has a chiselled layered look that is very sporty. Globally, MG 4 EV is available with two battery pack options – 51kWh and a larger 64kWh; the former produces 170hp, while the latter produces 203hp. It is only offered in a rear wheel drive configuration and has a range of 450 km per charge.

Tata Sierra EV Concept

Tata Sierra EV concept was the definite showstopper at this year’s Auto Expo. Sierra EV is a large 5-door SUV that boasts of a premium fit and finish. The flat bonnet, squared off front end, massive glasshouse and 20 inch alloy wheels give it an imposing presence. Cabin is extremely spacious and boasts of a flat floor and rear seats are like a business class lounge. Driver gets a digital instrument cluster and centre console is dominated by large touchscreen infotainment system. Sierra EV will most likely get two electric motors, a 500+ km range per charge and all-wheel-drive.

Tata Harrier EV Concept

Tata Harrier EV concept was a surprise unveil at the Auto Expo as it is a near production ready concept. Harrier EV is expected to get a dual motor set up and this will make it the first Harrier to feature all-wheel-drive. It will benefit from a large battery pack that could have a 65-70 kWh capacity which will allow for a 500+ km range per charge. Cabin carries a similar layout as that seen on the regular Harrier, however because it is an EV, there is no gearshift and in place of that there is a neat rotary dial to select between Park, Neutral, Reverse and Drive. Harrier EV is also expected to get multiple drive modes.

BYD Seal

Build Your Dreams (BYD) is a Chinese EV manufacturer that has made good inroads in the Indian market with their all electric E6 and Atto3 models. At the Auto Expo, company showcased their popular high-end electric sedan model known as BYD Seal. Sold in international markets as a rival to Tesla, BYD Seal is a sleek sporty looking machine that has a low slung stance and literally hugs the road. Built as a premium offering, Seal boasts of a range of 700 km on a single charge and it is offered with a single motor or dual motor option in international markets. For India, it is expected to only be offered in the top trim dual motor configuration that delivers 500 PS of power and allows the luxury electric sedan to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5 seconds.